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QHX-C-C Aluminum Fiberglass Tape

Aluminum fiberglass tape is a new product derived from aluminum fiberglass fabric. Inside diameter can be customized according to customer requirments,It can be used with clamp to make the aluminum fiberglass tape fit the cables better.
  • • Features •

    1.It can resistant radiant heat, and has a smooth surface, high strength, good luminous reflectance, sealing insulation, gas-proof

    2. Long-term temperature resistance 450℃,The surface of aluminum foil is smooth ,it has high reflectivity and high tensile strength.

    3, Water vapor permeability is small, water vapor barrier effect is strong


    • Application •

    1.Can be used as moisture-proof and anti-fog for export equipment , fireproof, anti-corrosion packaging materials.

    2. It is suitable for the demand of HVAC air ducts for water vapor barrier, making indoors warm in winter and cool in summer, and comfortable in all seasons.

    3.It can also be used for the connection of soft joints of central air-conditioning ducts, as well as anti-light radiation. High temperature kiln oven curtain insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention.

    4. It is mainly used for protect chemical pipelines such as oil pipelines and steam pipelines, and can also achieve good effects of anti-corrosion, flame retardant and heat insulation.,It’s substitute for asbestos cloth.


     • Size • 

    Size: Width 10mm - 120mm,

    Length: 20m / roll, 40m / roll. Other specifications and lengths can be customized

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