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Hebei Protecting New Materials Co.,Ltd, located in Zhuozhou City of Hebei Province . Known as "The First State in the World" and "The South Gate of Beijing City, the Capital of China" . Since established , It has been committed to the R&D  and sale of high-temperature residence, insulation and fireproof materials. Not only we can provide a series of high-quality high-temperature resistance material products, but we can also provide the customized service according to different working conditions.



The products not only  Best-selling in China, but also well exported to Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries .We are praised and recognized by domestic and foreign customers.



Our products mainly include high-temperature residence and fireproof cloth, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth, high silicon oxide cloth, rubber sheet, high-temperature residence tapes and fire sleeve.  Mainly applied in some large-scale high-temperature industrial areas, such as iron and steel factories, coking factories, metallurgy factories, military industry factories, aerospace factories and shipbuilding factories.




We grow steadily in the process of competition and seek opportunities in challenges. We look forward to cooperating with you and provide high-quality services, and become your trustworthy and dependable partner. It is also a strong security fortress for the majority of enterprises, and strive to make the vast number of enterprises feel save worry, relieved and rest assured.



Hebei Protecting New Materials Co.,Ltd specializing in the R&D and sale of new high-temperature residence, insulation and fireproof materials. We can provide the professional customized service as well as the corresponding and reasonable solution for customers in order to adapt to different working conditions and meet the need of different customers.


Our products all pass the international fireproof certification test so as to ease and reassure customers in terms of of quality.


There is a professional sales team as well as a quick and high-quality service team in our company. We are endowed with rich product knowledge and practical case experience. We are recognized by domestic and foreign customers by means of excellent quality and good service attitude.


Due to sufficient stock, it is possible for us to meet the need of customers, ensure delivery time and booking time and provide customers with corresponding samples for test experiments before large-scale purchasing.

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Development Course

Fiberglass originated in the late 1920s. Due to the lack of conventional materials, people have discovered a new material called fiberglass in order to meet the need of military equipment.

Through gradual research, people have found that fiberglass is endowed with some other characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, good insulation, heat preservation and insulation. As a result, tanks, aircraft, weapons and body armor are all made of fiberglass.



The Chinese fiberglass industry rose in 1958. It is endowed with a developing history of sixty years. It mainly served the national defense and military industry before the Reform and Opening Up. Later, it served people. It grows rapidly.

In order to meet the need of domestic and foreign large industrial enterprises like steel and coking enterprises for some characteristics, such as high-temperature residence, insulation, fire proof and wear resistance, the silica gel composite glass fiber products emerge, including a series of new materials, such as silica gel fiberglass cloth, high temperature residence tapes and fireproof sleeve.


As a pioneer and leader of the high temperature resistance industry, Hebei Protecting New Materials Co.,Ltd has been committed to providing different new materials and solutions for the major high-temperature industry according to different working conditions so as to meet customer need and ensure working safety since established.

Not only are the products applied in the major domestic steel, coking and military industries, but they are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Russia and other regions to make contribution to the high-temperature residence cause in various countries.

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Hebei Protecting New Materials - Continuous innovation, development and service ,  always committed to providing professional protection solutions and high-quality fireproof materials for different customers all over the world .