Do you need some heat protection? - Fire sleeve

  1. Do the various lines on the machine make you feel messy, and because of the movement of the machine, some wires have to rub back and forth on the ground or the machine, causing damage to the wire skin, affecting the normal operation of the machine and the production safety of workers.



  2. Steel plants, coking plants, coal shipbuilding and other heavy industrial enterprises, due to the special working conditions, some cables and pipelines have to face high temperature, steel slag, acid and alkali corrosion, exposure and other harsh environments. After the cable duct is damaged, Extremely affect the production efficiency and safe production of the factory.



  So how to protect the cables and hydraulic hose in the above environments?



  Silicone glass fiber fireproof sleeve, high silica protective sleeve, insulation and high temperature resistant wrapping tape, etc. These professional protective products are distinguished according to different characteristics such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation performance, and wear resistance. The particularity of the cable is targeted for safety protection, escorting the safe production of the enterprise. At the same time, pay attention to choosing protective materials from regular manufacturers. Safety protection is no small matter, and quality control is very important!