Diverse selection of fireproof materials

  Different industrial environments have led to the development and production of different types and materials of fireproof materials. For example, the requirements for temperature resistance, the requirements for wear resistance and anticorrosion, the requirements for insulation and electricity resistance, the requirements for flame retardant and environmental protection, etc.


  Fire sleeve - complete specifications 4-150mm. It meets the needs of cable ducts with different diameters. Under the condition of unknown fire, the long-term temperature resistance is 560 degrees. At the same time, the insulation is resistant to electricity, corrosion, wear and environmental protection. It is a refractory material with high cost performance.


  High Silica Sleeve - The SIO2 content exceeds 96%, braided tubular, long-term temperature resistance can reach 1100 degrees under the condition of no fire, and it is an indispensable protective material for ultra-high temperature environments.


  Aluminum coated fiberglass sleeve - made of aluminum foil composite glass fiber, the surface aluminum foil can reflect the heat from the outside, the inner glass fiber can withstand high temperature 450 degrees, it is a good heat insulation and heat-resistant material


  In addition to the above-mentioned high-temperature-resistant materials, there are many other new materials, such as fireproof cloth, velcro-type heat-resistant sleeve, high-temperature-resistant tape, etc., which can play a role in different working conditions. They are all safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used instead of asbestos cloth without carcinogenic risk.


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